Hanging Planter (Rounded)

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Beautifully carved, and hand painted. This Hanging planter set is meant to be in your home.

With 3 distinct sizes per set, each size stages to the next creating a beautiful geometric pattern as it silhouettes your favorite Flora. From herbs, to succulents, annuals, even cactus, this beautiful arrangement piece will look great in your window, porch, or business. Available in a variety of colors for you to choose from.


Product Information:

*Terra Cotta vases and hangers are included with this product.

     Plants we leave for your creative imagination. (Not included)

*Color descriptions are for naming purposes only, not to represent the material used.

*Intended for use in a dry area.  Indoors or on a covered porch is recommended.

* Vases come as a 3 piece set, One 3 inch vase, and Two 2 inch vases are included,

     Vase sizes very Depending on availability from 3 inch to 2 inch.


Dimensions:  11x7, 9.5x6.5, 8x5

Weight:  1.5 lb total weight